Gina Raphaela Jewelry merges art,
fashion, and social consciousness by using deconstructed and transformed
bullets as a foundation for its daring necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Hand crafted by the highest artisanal standards of the Made in America
jewelry tradition, all the recycled harmless inert bullets are plated using the
finest silver, gold, palladium, black rhodium, and rose gold finishes.

In a society that is calling for change, designer Gina Raphaela expresses her
provocative jewelry to reflect the need for transforming our
society’s obsession with violence by facing it directly and fearlessly, with the
use of real harmless inert bullets, casings, and links.

By combining a masculine sense of danger and provocation with refined
and modern shapes, Gina Raphaela infuses each piece with her passion for
constructive sculpture.

From the Synergy ring to the No More Violence bullet necklace,
the collection merges the designer’s cutting edge sensibility with a desire to create
an uncompromising and socially responsible beauty.

In 2014, Gina and actress, writer, Tina Alexis Allen,
launched Gina Raphaela Jewelry with the No More Violence
collection - a limited edition series sold at Barneys.

Gina Raphaela’s philanthropic mission provides a percentage of all proceeds to
be donated directly to non-profit organizations striving to enhance the quality
of life for all people, while raising awareness and making a stand of
Co-Founders Gina Raphaela and Tina Alexis Allen